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This two-centre holiday is based in Modica for the first 5 nights and then in Siracusa Ortigia for the last two nights.

The Montalbano television series, based on the novels of Andrea Camilleri, are filmed in and around the area of Ragusa. As a matter of fact, most of the film locations are clustered around Ragusa Ibla, a UNESCO heritage baroque town in the south-east of Sicily. This tour will take you to the main locations used for the Montalbano TV series and will give you the opportunity to enjoy the unique scenery and breathe in the "spirit of place" that emanates from this part of Sicily.

As you probably know Montalbano loves his food so we will be giving you the opportunity to taste some of his favorite dishes, which are the local specialities of this area, a real mouthwatering experience. (arancini, caponata, pasta alla norma...)

There are a number of different locations used in the TV episodes, all clustered around Ragusa (Ibla, Scicli, Modica, Punta Secca and other seaside villages). These have all been pieced together to create the fictional town seen in the TV series. This tour will show you a gorgeous Sicily with breath-taking landscapes, baroque churches and stunning views all of which have made millions of viewers in Italy and abroad fall in love with the area.

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General Information

On this Tour the accommodations will be at the elegant and charming 4 star Modica beach Resort for the first five nights and then either at the 4 star Hotel Roma in the heart of Ortigya or the Palace Catania, Una Esperienze, for the last two nights.

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