Biella town

Towards the south is lake Viverone where water sports are on offer, while an hour away to the east is the secret jewel of the Italian lakes, the beautiful and yet relatively unknown Lake Orta.

The lakes of Garda and Maggiore and the Mediterranean seaside of the Ligurian Riviera are all about 1 to 1 1/2 hours drive away.

Biella is famous for its textile industry and is home to the international fashion houses of Zegna, Cerruti and Fila known world wide for their quality and design. All have outlet shops in Biella where you can pick up a bargain by paying factory rather than high street prices.

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One of the highest points towards the north is the famous peak of Monte Mucrone at 2335 m. where a cable car takes you to the lake just below the summit. From here you can enjoy plenty of easy walks with beautiful views of the snow capped Alps and the plains of the Biellese.

Funicular railway

Biella Piazzo

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The province of Biella is known as the Biellese and covers an area of about 930 and is part of the region of Piedmont. Located on the foothills of the Italian Alps it varies from 260 to 2600 metres above sea level. In the winter you can even ski back down ! Its famous neighbours are Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. Its stunning unspoilt scenery includes mountains, lakes, parks, nature reserves, castles, DOC vineyards, lush rolling hills and medieval villages. It is also known for its tradition of fine cuisine.

Biella is a small town divided into two areas, the newer lower part with its pretty historical centre and the walled medieval village or 'borgo del Piazzo’ located on the top part of town which can be reached by the Funicular Railway. Here you can enjoy a stroll through the narrow cobbled streets, discover its history and sample some authentic regional dishes in one of the typical tavernas, (traditional restaurant).